Monthly Screening


Every month we will show one film from previous festival programs at the City Kino Wedding. In January, ERASMUS IN GAZA, about the Italian medical student Ricardo, who spends a year in Gaza with the Erasmus programme, will be the first screening. In February, we will screen STOP FILMING US BUT LISTEN by Bernadette Vivuya and Kagoma Ya Twahirwa, who have re-edited footage shot by a Dutch film crew in the Democratic Republic of Congo and will lead a discussion with participants about European and Congolese perspectives. Each screening will be followed by a film discussion with festival director Anna Ramskogler and an special guest.

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11 January 2023 I 7:00 pm


Riccardo plans on doing something that no one else has ever dared to do before: the Italian medical student wants to go to Gaza on an Erasmus exchange. His goal is to become a war surgeon. So, he leaves his family, friends and fellow students behind and trades his peaceful life at university for life in Gaza – an area that has been shaped by rocket attacks between Israelis and Palestinians for decades. Right away, he struggles with feelings of being a stranger, panic attacks and the desire to leave. But he also meets people who become his friends, with whom he waits for the missiles to hit again and again. Something completely surreal and almost unbearable for him is part of everyday life for his friends. While Ricardo can flee back to safety at any time, his friends are not allowed to leave Gaza.


8 February 2023 I 7 pm


A woman covers her face with a scarf – she does not want to be filmed – but the camera continues to point at her. This scene is from a documentary by a Dutch film team. Their aim is to portray life in Goma, a large city in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But are they even the right ones to tell this story? Should they stop filming instead? A discussion ensues. Together with filmmaker Kagoma Ya Twahirwa, Congolese filmmaker and journalist Bernadette Vivuya decides to re-edit the footage taken from a Western perspective and expand it by including a Congolese perspective. Can this dissolve the colonial gaze?

2. JANUARY 2023