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Our Festival

The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin shows stories of courageous individuals and communities on both sides of the lens, bears witness to human rights violations and creates a forum to gain new perspectives on our world. Founded and organized by the nonprofit organization Aktion gegen den Hunger, HRFFB aims to inspire, influence and educate people – opening their eyes and minds to the concept of human rights through the powerful medium of film. Functioning as a bridge between NGOs, filmmakers, journalists and the public audience, we seek to inspire and engage audiences with social justice and human rights issues. Through film screenings followed by Q&As we aim to foster a lively discussion on some of the most pressing topics of our time. 

The HRFFB 2019 will be held between 18th -25th of September 2019. With over 70 screenings, discussions and workshops in five cinemas, the festival will explore diverse and inspiring human stories from all over the world. It is a unique initiative for human rights to reach the people of Berlin.

Access to Human Rights

Films allow us to create a unique platform for connection, workshops and discussions. We achieve awareness and change. We want to stand up for human rights – together!

Cultural Center Berlin

is the international icon of reunification. A symbol of coming together. A modern example of overcoming borders and breaking down barriers. The city is a melting pot of cultures, languages and ethnicities - and since the fall of the wall, it has become a rich and vibrant centre for art, music and cinema.

Mission of the Festival

Our idea is to inspire, influence and educate people - opening their eyes and their minds to the concept of universal human rights. Using the platform of the Human Rights Film Festival we aim to provide people with new perspectives and points of view.

15. AUGUST 2019