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50 activists were arrested in Hong Kong based on the National Security Law. The activists are being criminalized for running in the 2020 election. We need to show solidarity with the Hong Kong Protests. Want to learn more about the situation in Hong Kong - listen to our talk after the film "Hong Kong Moments" at the HRFFB 2020 with Amnesty International Deutschland

Film Talk on the documentary Hong Kong Moments with Amnesty International Deutschland

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2020 has driven millions of people into hunger and drastically worsened the humanitarian situation in many regions of the world. In the podcast NO HUNGER RADIO, Aktion gegen den Hunger will reflect on the past year and the drastic impact of the pandemic in the upcoming episodes.

No Hunger Radio - Knowledge against Hunger

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To close the year 2020, QueerScope, the association of 19 independent German queer film festivals, has decided to make the best films of the year once again available online from December 17 to December 27. With amazing films like "Uferfrauen" or "The Garden left Behind", Queerscope draws attention to queer stories that are unfortunately too often overlooked in our society.


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18. DECEMBER 2020