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Welcome to the Virtual Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

The festival may be over - now the films are coming to your home!

🎬 Your access to compelling documentaries from the Festival program.
🖥️ Stream the films of your choice until October 31st!
🌍 Broaden Your Horizons – Get to know different cultures, challenges, and triumphs from around the globe.
💡 Make a Difference – Your support helps spread the message of human rights worldwide.

HRFFB @ Home

With the 5-Films@Home-Pass, you hold the key to five unforgettable films that you can watch online at home:

5 Films @ Home 22€


5 Films @ Home reduced* 17 €


* Discounted for students, seniors, freelance filmmakers, and artists who are eligible for reduced tickets.

Experience the power of cinema and be inspired by stories that move the world. The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin awaits you – five films that will touch your heart and open your mind.

23. OCTOBER 2023