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Welcome to the ticket page of the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin! Here, you'll experience the poignant narratives of individuals championing human rights, indigenous rights, gender justice, and addressing the climate crisis. Under the theme "The Good Fight", we particularly spotlight the brave souls and communities confronting these challenges, pushing for a more equitable world.

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🌍 5 Films @Home: You couldn't make it to the theater? No worries - now the films are coming to your home! Select five outstanding documentaries and watch them wherever you are. 

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Forum & Masterclasses

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*Students, university students, trainees, volunteers in voluntary service, BerlinPass holders, voluntary workers, pensioners, freelance filmmakers and artists are eligible for discounted tickets.

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Film Program:

Upcoming is a carefully curated selection of documentaries that not only entertain but also provoke thought and touch the heart. From the destinies of strong women to profound social issues, our films provide insight into the global challenges and triumphs of today.

Discover the complete film program here!

23. OCTOBER 2023