Climate Story Lab Berlin

Helping Urgent Environmental Stories Go Further

Climate communication is more important than ever: we need the best storytelling to point out the causes and solutions of the climate crisis and to reach an audience that demands sustainable change. Based on this conviction we will bring the Climate Story Lab to Berlin and want to develop innovative sustainable storytelling on the subject of the climate crisis together with experts. The stated goal is to put the question "How do we tell the climate change?" in the focus of interest.

On four days (October 6 - 9, 2020), storytellers, activists, experts and representatives of NGOs will come together to comprehensively renew our approaches to climate communication. We want to promote a holistic approach and bring media professionals together with activists, artists, scientists and decision-makers. Together, an effective storytelling is to be developed,  which on the one hand shows the urgency of the situation through doomsday scenarios, but on the other hand encourages action through visions which don't trivialize the issue. In the end, concrete communication concepts are to be developed, which on the one hand inspire and motivate civil society to get involved, and on the other hand encourage politicians and decision-makers to turn to the bigger solutions towards the climate crisis. 

After New York and London, the Climate Story Lab Berlin is the third edition of the successful format developed by DocSociety and Exposure Labs.

(CALL FOR PROJECTS below the speaker list.)

The inaugural Lab took place in New York in July 2019, followed by Climate Story Lab UK in London in March 2020 both initiated and organized by DocSociety and Exposure Labs. Watch the video to get some first impressions of the concept.


The Call for Projects will be open until 15 July, 11.59 pm (UTC+1). We invite European storytellers to submit their climate story projects. We are looking for creative storytelling projects whose core is the fight against the climate crisis. We want to work with ambitious teams who are interested in forming strategic partnerships with activists, researchers and funding agencies.

Apply now for the Climate Story Lab Berlin!

The following criteria should be considered: 

  • Projects with a direct connection to the German-speaking region are eligible, but also international projects whose topics could potentially find resonance in the German-speaking region and can be linked to local debates. 
  • It is a media project or campaign that is to be published within the next 12 months
  • Projects on the subject of the climate ciris.
  • The projects can include any forms of storytelling - this includes documentaries, journalistic contributions, episodic series, short films, VR projects, podcasts, campaigns or oral storytelling projects as well as all formats from the fields of performance, visual and performing arts. 
  • For each selected creative project we will invite one team member to join us in the week of 5. October to visit the lab in Berlin. This can be a director, producer, impact producer, artist, editor or protagonist (Attention: depends on the valid travel regulations - alternatively, online participation will be possible). 

The "Call for Projects" will open until 15 July 2020, 11.59 pm (UTC+1). The selected projects will be informed at the end of July. For each of the selected projects there will be short brainstorming sessions and open tables where input, expertise, partnerships or funding will be offered. 

Accreditation for the Human Rights Film Forum is available from July for filmmakers, scientists, experts, NGO employees, activists, students, cultural workers and journalists.

28. JUNE 2020