Future Diaries

Computer game, tv series and graphic novel series

FUTURE DIARIES (WT) is a storyworld set on our planet from now till the the end of this century. In a setting where the climate catastrophe has made life on earth much harder - we see three predominant systems struggling not only with droughts, storms and floods and the shortage of important resources but also and far most with each other and their different approach to humanity.

The scenarios of FUTURE DIARIES

Nation states have mostly lost their power to corporations – the most powerful one called OMEGA - who trys to allocate as much wealth and workforce possible with the promise to get one of the very few tickets to mars to start a new era on a new and „fresh“ planet - to those who are working hard enough.
The second system, derived from the Chinese government, which judges its citizens by their actions according to their compliance to (state) rules, was put into place in 2009 under the name of Sesame Credits and has strived from there on.
The third system, born by a grassroots movement of a group of hedonistic hackers called the WHITE NOIZ, is called UTOPIA and is in its core an algorithm which distributes all resources fair and equally among its users and is not controlled by anybody – running on a decentralized ledger (aka blockchain). UTOPIA allocates the resources of earth in a fair, sustainable and enduring manner which has lead the people of this community to abandon the Euro and the Dollar – which was seen not only as a major threat to the economy by the old elites – but also as a major loss of control over the people.

The whole project FUTURE DIARIES consists of a computer game, a tv series and a graphic novel series which are all in development at this point.

FUTURE DIARIES at the Climate Story Lab

For actions and possibilities around the Climate Story Lab we want to focus on the development and distribution of the graphic novel series:


UTOPIA, a self learning operating system, which is programmed to help humanity, sends herself back in time, through different social media channels and talks to the users in our time about different scenarios in the future. She wants to start now with changing the world, helping each individual to find their desired place in a new society. At the same time UTOPIA is still struggling to understand humanity. As an algorithm she is very confused sometimes about these irrational beings she was created to help. This setup gives us as makers a very unique possibility to jump back and forward in time, focus on interesting, individual and actual stories.

Our idea is to have a series of very short versions of about 9 panels for weekly insta graphic stories, building a community, leading to longer versions of “real” (interactive) comic books in the near future.
Content and approach of the short stories is something we would like to discuss at the Climate Story Lab with our fellow participants. Our ideas range from practical knowledge like, how to build aquaponics over what is a blockchain to fun and action-driven stories about the beginnings of UTOPIA and her creators.

The representative from this project will be the brain behind it all: Alexander Herrmann.

18. SEPTEMBER 2020