Storytelling as Empowerment

Storytelling on (conflict-based) sexualised, sexual and gender-based violence

All over the world people, espacially women and girls, experience sexualized, sexual and gender-based violence - whether as a war crime, in their own homes or on public streets. However, the stigmatisation, shame and desperation often associated with the experience make it difficult for many to disclose their assaults. Too often, survivors choose to remain silent.

However, stories can be a powerful tool to highlight injustice, combat stigma and encourage others to do the same. This makes it all the more important for storytellers to think about how to support survivors in telling their stories.

Together Leslie Thomas (Director and ART WORKS Projects' founder), we therefore offer a one-day storytelling workshop on October 1, 2020 to illustrate how these stories can respectfully and effectively make change. The workshop will present initial media guidelines, deal with trauma-informed storytelling methods, the question of how to avoid re-traumatisation when working with personal stories, ethical practices when working with personal stories and creative ways of positioning stories as tools for social change.

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Accreditation for the Human Rights Film Forum is available from July for filmmakers, scientists, experts, NGO employees, activists, students, cultural workers and journalists.

8. JUNE 2020