Storytelling as Resistance

The Challenge is bigger than “fake news”: Resistance against populism, disinformation and hate speech

The current corona pandemic serves in many ways as a catalyst for distributing lies, misleading information and conspiracy theories. The effects of disinformation, hate speech and populist speech on political life, democratic and social values are now becoming brutally visible.

During a one-day conference on October 2, 2020, we want to think about strategies for resisting populism, spread of disinformation and the use of internet and social media to propagate hate speech.

In this context, we will address the challenges of fighting the distribution of misleading information and lies online (for example via secret troll farms) and resisting the discursive effect that disinformation and populist speech have on democratic and social values.Together we will discuss the effects that online platforms have on political communication: what are negative and positive effects of online networks on political mobilisation? What influence does the dissemination of lies have on the political climate? How can we resist the effects that disinformation can have? And how should hate speech be addresses?

Looking at these question and challenges, we will discuss with experts across disciplines how we as storytells can address the problems of disinformation and hate speech .

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Accreditation for the Human Rights Film Forum is available from July for filmmakers, scientists, experts, NGO employees, activists, students, cultural workers and journalists.


20. JULY 2020