Side Events

Additionally to the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin FILMPROGRAM we also have INDUSTRY- and LUNCH-TALKS, Side Events and an Exhibition in our Festival center.

The Festival Center is open since the 27th of August for everyone, who wants to know more about the Festival, our Work and Partners or just wants to discuss and talk with others about Human Rights.

We want to connect Activists, Experts from the NGO- and Filmindustry and make a knowledge transfer more easy and effective. That's why we present three INDUSTRY TALKS for the first time this year. We want to talk and discuss about current questions and experiences and welcome everyone, who wants to participate.

We invite everyone also to visit us during the Festival Week in our Festival Café for the daily LUNCHTALKS, where Experts will give a 15minutes Input Talk about very diverse topics and we'll have some open space for discussion afertwards.

30. SEPTEMBER 2019