Positive Future Scenarios

Positive Future Scenarios: a roundtable about bioeconomy and sustainable development in the Amazon region

As the world grapples with the urgent reality of climate change, complex ecological crises and the need for a just and socio-environmental responsible sustainable future, the often-overlooked source of knowledge emerges from indigenous communities. These diverse array of knowledge and practices hold the key to climate adaptation and mitigation, offering invaluable insights often overlooked in decision-making processes. In light of this context, as part of the Human Rights Film Festival, Euroclima, with the support of GIZ and in collaboration with ACTO, is pleased to extend an invitation to a thought-provoking roundtable discussion titled "Positive Future Scenarios: Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development in the Amazon Region” that will take place on the 18th of October from 15:00 to17:00. 

This event serves as a platform to foster cross-disciplinary dialogue while shedding light to the invaluable contributions of indigenous knowledge and practices to the pursuit of a sustainable future. Specifically, it will delve into the transformative potential inherent in the bioeconomy, addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges while adhering to principles aligned with the boundaries of our planet. This event presents a unique opportunity for a complementary discussion with the participation of representatives from the BMZ/German Government, academic experts, indigenous communities and Amazon community-based business.

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Positive Future Scenarios: bioeconomy and sustainable development in the Amazon region

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18. Oktober 
15:00 - 17:00 Uhr 
Dokumentationszentrum Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung
Stresemannstraße 90, 10963 Berlin

23. OCTOBER 2023