Hungry for Change: Can we win the fight against hunger?

Challenging times of poly crises

Armed conflicts, pandemics, climate-related extreme weather, rising inequalities: the obstacles to win the fight against hunger seem unconquerable. The Zero Hunger goal (SDG2) by 2030 seems increasingly out of reach as almost 800 million people suffer from hunger and three billion people are unable to access a healthy diet. Nevertheless, activists, smallholder farmers, consumers, humanitarians and policymakers all over the world are fighting for change and a world without hunger. During the Human Rights Forum, we will provide a platform for networking and exchanging on joint synergies in these challenging times of poly crises. The role of food systems transformation and the right to food as well as humanitarian questions around gender empowerment and anticipatory action will shape the hybrid discussions. Join us in the Good Fight against Hunger!

Deep Dives

Deep Dive I: Feminist Foreign Policy outlook – How to assure anticipatory humanitarian action is mitigating intersecting vulnerabilities?

17 October 2023, 10-12am CET
Dokumentationszentrum Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung, Stresemannstr. 90, 10963 Berlin
Online participation possible

When climate-related disasters hit, women, children, elderly people and persons with disabilities are particularly at risk: their needs are often neglected in risk analysis and response planning, and they are frequently marginalised in decision-making despite their potential contributions to resilience. To make inclusion and resilience a reality in the humanitarian system, we need a paradigm shift towards transformative approaches. The German government is currently at the forefront in advancing anticipatory action and launched their feminist foreign policy approach, hence this roundtable will explore how political visions and reality can come closer together for zero hunger. How can donors, governments and implementing organisations ensure gender inclusion at all stages of the early warning and anticipatory action continuum? This roundtable will bring humanitarian experts together to explore pathways for supporting women as change agents in times of climate crisis. Join this debate online or in Berlin!

Deep Dive II: Transforming food and agriculture systems – How can we enable a just and sustainable environment to assure food sovereignty for all?

17 October 2023, 1-3pm CET
Dokumentationszentrum Flucht, Vertreibung, Versöhnung, Stresemannstr. 90, 10963 Berlin
Online participation possible 
The global industrial food system is failing on several fronts: it causes a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and severe environmental destruction, while violating the right to adequate food for those three billion people who cannot access a healthy diet. Smallholder farmers are left vulnerable to exploitation and debt due to the market dominance of agribusiness, and cash crops have undermined domestic food production in the global South. How can the system transition from its unsustainable, unhealthy and unjust status quo towards healthy diets for all? At this roundtable, experts will discuss how food sovereignty can be implemented as a guiding principle for food systems transformation, showcase practical examples and identify necessary enabling factors for food sovereignty. Join our Good Fight! 


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18. SEPTEMBER 2023