Impact Day

Impact Producing links film with social change by devising strategies to use the film as a tool for transformation. It extends the lifespan and impact of films far beyond traditional distribution channels

Welcome to Impact Day – a day dedicated to the power of Impact Producing. In an era where the lifespan of films seems to be getting shorter, Impact Producing has the potential to counteract this trend and achieve sustainable, positive effects in the film industry and beyond. But how can this promising concept enrich the German documentary film landscape? What can we learn from the experiences and successes of other countries? And why is now the right time to establish an Impact Fund in Germany? Together, we want to get to the bottom of these questions, expand our knowledge, and discuss strategic steps towards a sustainable film future. Let's harness the power of cinema not just to tell stories but to also bring about real change in our society.

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Impact Day Part I

Human Rights Forum: Impact Day - Part I

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Impact Day Part II

Impact Day

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Program October 16, Documentation Center.

09:00 AM - Registration and Networking.

Start the day with a relaxed registration. Take the opportunity to network over a cup of coffee and fresh croissants.

10:00 AM - Introduction.

10:00 AM - Welcome on behalf of HRFFB and AGDok

10:05 AM - Impact Production: An Introduction

10:15 AM - Conversation: “The Hamlet Syndrome” with Elwira Niewiera

10:25 AM - Different approaches of Impact Production with Khadidja Benouataf, Hasse van Nunen, Valentin Thurn, and Vivian Schröter.

11:35 AM - Conversation: "Her Docs" with Marta Golba-Naumann

12:00 PM - Lunch.

The break offers the opportunity to continue networking in a relaxed atmosphere and to delve deeper into the discussions so far.

12:30 PM - More than Movies: The Role and Reach of Impact Production.

This discussion round sheds light on how Impact Producing extends far beyond the screen. It will explore how films initiate sustainable changes and the significant role Impact Producers play in maximizing this effect.

1:30 PM - Best Case Presentation (to be confirmed).


2:00 PM - Investing in Change and Reach.

In this session, we explore how targeted investments can not only promote social change through Impact campaigns but also significantly influence the lifespan, reach, and success of films. We will discuss how such investments can maximize the reach and influence of film projects.

3:00 PM - Best Case Presentation: Valentin Thurn.

The renowned director and producer Valentin Thurn has established himself as a true pioneer in the field of Impact Producing in Germany. With his impressive films "Taste the Waste" and "10 Billion", he has vividly demonstrated the potential: he achieved unprecedented audience numbers for a documentary in cinemas and his films had a sustainable social and ecological impact, effecting concrete changes in public perception and consumer behavior. He is currently planning a new campaign for the title "Holy Shit – Can Poop Save The World?" presented at the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin. It remains to be seen what impact this next project will have.

3:30 PM - Round Table: Shaping the Future of Impact Producing. (Closed Event)

In an era where film is more than just entertainment and has the potential to bring about real change in society, the question arises as to how Germany can best support this movement. The round table offers a unique platform for this. We assemble a select group of sponsors, representatives from foundations, and industry experts to discuss in-depth the need and design of an Impact Fund in Germany. We not only want to discuss the urgency of this fund but also the best practices and strategies to ensure an efficient and effective collaboration of various stakeholders. The aim is to collectively find ways to fully exploit the immense potential of Impact Producing in Germany and lead the film industry into a sustainable and socially conscious future.


This part of the event is closed for the public and held in German! 

7:00 PM - HOLY SHIT at Hackesche Höfe Cinema.
23. OCTOBER 2023