How To Create Inspiring Stories to Change Society

We are bringing people together to unleash the transformative power of storytelling. These workshops will be taking place at the intersection of journalism, film-making and activism. Together we will discuss what stories are missing, look at some inspirational best-practice examples and explore the power of humour and constructive storytelling.

Workshop Programme 14 October 2022

10.30am–12.30pm What’s so funny?! Climate and Humour – Belina Raffy

How might compassionate humor help us to take productive climate action? Humour expert Belina Raffy will show you how to communicate more playfully, positively and hopefully – even in times of crisis and despair.

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1.00pm–3.00pm Climate and Justice – Juan Auz

In the last decade, climate litigation has become a popular means of combatting the climate crisis. But what are the opportunities and limits of legal means in the face of a global emergency? Research fellow and lawyer Juan Auz will guide you through the legal jungle and the power of ordinary people fighting the powerful in front courts .

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3.30pm–5.30pm Climate and Science Communication

Since the 1970s, we have known that climate change is real, and researchers have been making recommendations for action since then too. But somehow politics and the general public have turned a blind eye to the issue for far too long. This workshop will offer researchers the basic tools to get them heard and reach critical audiences.

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23. SEPTEMBER 2022