Human Rights Forum 2022

We believe that stories are the key to courage. Stories have the power to inspire and arouse, to denounce grievances and injustices, and reveal solutions. They can play an essential role in peace processes and make a major contribution to rethinking society. That’s why it’s important who tells them and, above all, how: storytelling matters! 

We believe that a place for encounter, exchange and inspiration where we can develop good, encouraging, impactful stories is more important than ever. We want to make a contribution with the Human Rights Forum. In this year’s workshops and conferences, we will reveal the transformative power of good stories and provide a space where participants can network with each other.

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How to Decolonise Storytelling

Together, we aimed to find out how to break through and diversify dominant narratives and news coverage. With the Tunisian activist and diplomat Aya Chebbi, who co-curated this day, we tried to find answers to questions such as: How do we get rid of (post)-colonial stereotypes? And how do we free ourselves from misogynist approaches?

Supported by Federal Foreign Office.


Combating Dis- and Misinformation

As a society, are we still actually able to talk to each other without getting loud and offensive or feeling hurt just because someone doesn’t share our point of view? How can we find more common ground? Together with experts, we would like to start an in-depth discussion about how to combat dis- and misinformation, how to protect journalists and film-makers at risk and how to communicate data and facts so that they cannot be misinterpreted or misused.

Supported by Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. 

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1. NOVEMBER 2022