Press Release: International Human Rights Day

Available in over 500 languages, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the world’s most widely translated document. To mark International Human Rights Day on 10 December, we will be celebrating the 73rd birthday of this significant document with a series of film screenings and talks.

All Films will be available free online to a limited audience.

Zahavi Sanjavi | SE | 2021 | 78 min | Arabic, Kurdish with English Subtitles

Online available between 
10. - 19. December

Five-year-old Imad has spent more than half of his life in IS captivity. Deeply disturbed, he returns to his Yazidi family. Imad has been brainwashed and is a child obsessed with terror as a result of the abuse he has suffered. Hateful, he meets his mother, herself a broken woman. He is explosively aggressive and considers himself an IS fighter. Will Imad succeed in coming to terms with his horrific experiences? Sensitively, the film illuminates the painful process and shows what helps Imad cope with his traumas. A film as shocking as it is eye-opening, which avoids simple answers.

Winner of the Willy Brandt Documentary Award for Freedom and Human Rights 2021.


Press Pictures Imads Chgildhood


Raj Patel, Zak Piper | MW | 2021 | 76 min | English

Online available between
11. - 19. December

Anita Chitaya is a fighter: she can get men to stand up for equality and knows how to grow food even on dead soil. But to fight hunger in her native Malawi and secure people's livelihoods, she faces her biggest challenge: convincing the USA that climate change is real. On her journey from Malawi to California to the White House, she experiences racial and gender inequality firsthand, meets climate skeptics and desperate farmers.


Press Pictures The Ants and The Grasshopper


Eefje Blankevoort, Els Van Driel | NL | 2021 | 90 min | Arabic with English Subtitles

Online available between
6. - 10. December

They call it "The Game." Every day, children and young people try to cross the border into Europe. For protection and a better life, they left behind their families and their country. Now they travel through a bizarre shadowy realm: a world of minefields, bears, raging rivers, smugglers, and border guards. Their dangerous journey often takes months or even years. In the process, the young people risk their lives. Along the way, they quickly grow up. SHADOW GAME gives an intimate, first-hand look at their reality. A hard-hitting film that weaves the experiences of many young refugees into a modern odyssey.


Press Pictures Shadow Game

3. DECEMBER 2021