HRFFB for Schools

In cooperation with the Education Project Schools Against Hunger, we cordially invite you and your students to embark on an exciting cinematic journey. As part of the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (October 11-22, 2023), we are offering special screenings for schools.

Seven selected films from our festival program delve deep into topics such as migration, life in conflict zones, climate activism, decolonization, as well as identity and heritage. Through authentic stories and real-life destinies, these films create a touching connection to complex issues.


Our goal is to promote an engagement with different life realities and encourage students to reflect on their understanding and interaction with the medium of film.

Practical Details:

When? School screenings can be booked at a time of your choice (mornings until 3 PM) during the festival period.

Who? Our offer is designed for all schools that teach students from the 5th grade onwards. Each screening can accommodate a group of 30 or more students. If you are interested in a school screening for a smaller group, please do not hesitate to fill out the form below. We are committed to finding a suitable solution for you.

Where? Information about participating cinemas can be found in our program.

Costs: The admission fee is €5.00 per student, payable in cash at the cinema. Berlin Pass holders receive free admission.

Schools Against Hunger: Schools that are participating in or have participated in the "Schools Against Hunger" project in 2023 or 2024 can attend the film screenings free of charge. Please indicate your participation when registering for the film screening. If your school is not yet part of Schools Against Hunger but would like to become one, you can register for the project for free here: Schools Against Hunger.

We look forward to the participation of your school classes and the stimulating exchange that these films will undoubtedly promote.



Notes on the processing of your information and rights of objection: Privacy policy

Between the Rains

Between the Rains
Moses Thuranira, Andrew H Brown | 82 min | KEN | 2023
Language: Swahili / German subtitles
Themes: Environment / Society / Family
Subjects: Geography / Politics / English





Persistent drought threatens the land and culture of the Turkana-Ngaremara people in northern Kenya, leading to conflicts with wildlife and growing tensions between rival tribes. Meanwhile, orphaned herder boy Kolei impatiently awaits his path as a traditional warrior. However, when he fails the crucial test, he loses the respect of the older warriors and, disappointed and isolated, withdraws from the community. The rain still does not return, and the climate crisis becomes not just a looming threat but an immediate danger. As more and more wild predators prey on Kolei's family's livestock, he sees an opportunity to regain the respect of his community.

Children of the Taliban

Children of the Taliban
Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon | 56 min | AFG | 2022
Language: Arabic / German subtitles
Themes: Peace / Justice / Afghanistan
Subjects: Politics / Ethics / English





This documentary tells the story of four children in Kabul, Afghanistan - two girls and two boys whose lives have drastically changed since the withdrawal of U.S. troops and the Taliban takeover. The girls, Shoukria and Arezo, both of whom have lost their fathers, now work to support their mothers and siblings. They are just two of hundreds of thousands of children in Afghanistan who must support their families. The boys, Abdullah and Eshahnullah, are sons of high-ranking Taliban members. Access to children of the Taliban is rare, and this film offers unique insights into their lives. Although their lives are very different, we discover many commonalities. Through their eyes, we gain a remarkable insight into the heart and soul of Afghanistan and the challenges that the future holds not only for the children in this film but for the entire country.

Rahčan - Ella´s Riot

Rahčan - Ella's Riot
Anne Marte Blindheim | 75 min | NO | 2022
Recommended Age: from 5th grade onwards
Language: Norwegian / German subtitles
Themes: Decolonization / Climate Activism / Identity
Subjects: Politics / History / Ethics




The Sámi singer Ella is torn between her strong connection to her hometown in Finnmark and her new life in Oslo with her boyfriend and a successful career with her band ISÁK. When a mining company threatens the land and water of the Sámi people, Ella makes a decision: protesting from the stage is not enough. She leaves city life, her boyfriend, and her successful band career behind to save her homeland in northern Norway. Together with activists, Ella chains herself to protect the fjord and block the mining operations. Even when her music career suffers a severe setback, Ella does not let it deter her from her fight against the mine. Because every victory for the environment is temporary - but every loss is permanent.


Sānsūr                                                                                                                                                                        Mostafa Heravi | 95 min | NL | 2022 Language: Persian / English subtitles Themes: Feminism / Iran / Resistance Subject: Politics






Six women who courageously defy the written and unwritten boundaries of freedom of expression in Iran. An artist who wants to draw women characters and stage plays. A teacher who openly talks to young women and educates them about taboo topics like sexuality. Or a street musician who sings and dances in public. Some have stayed in the country, while others have fled into exile. They all face the consequences when they refuse to bow to censorship: job loss, harassment, and arrests. However, none of them are willing to accept rules that suppress women in their quest for freedom.

The Mind Game

The Mind Game
Language: Dari / Dutch / English / German subtitles
Themes: Migration / Youth / Asylum
Subjects: Politics / Ethics / English
Sajid Khan Nasiri, Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel | 61 min | NL | 2023




They call it "the game": the life-threatening journey that many unaccompanied minors undertake to seek refuge in Western Europe. For Sajid Khan Nasiri, the game began at the age of 14 after the Taliban killed his father in Afghanistan. Through Iran and Turkey to Eastern Europe, he got closer to his goal, pursued by violent police officers and a hostile population. He meticulously documented it all with his mobile phone camera. After a two-year journey full of dangers and hardships, he arrives in Belgium and applies for asylum. But now, a new game begins: the mind game. How can a youth cope with the enormous psychological pressure, suspicious authorities, and disturbing news from their homeland?

We have a Dream

We Have a Dream
Pascal Plisson | 96 min | FR | 2023
Language: French / Nepali / Swahili / Kinyarwanda / Portuguese / English subtitles
Themes: Inclusion / Identity
Subjects: Politics / Ethics / English / Geography




Who said that living with disabilities means giving up on your biggest dreams? In this inspiring film, Pascal Plisson travels around the world and meets Maud (France), Charles (Kenya), Nirmala and Khendo (Nepal), Xavier (Rwanda), and Antonio (Brazil) - extraordinary children who prove that love, inclusive education, humor, and courage can move mountains and that destiny is sometimes full of surprises. This film offers students captivating insights into the world of peers with different abilities and promotes a deeper understanding of inclusion and empathy.

Schools Against Hunger is a global school project by Action Against Hunger. Its aim is to engage children and teenagers in interactive discussions about global inequalities and provide them with an active opportunity for social involvement. The funds raised support the life-saving work of Action Against Hunger worldwide.


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