Focus: New Narratives

New Narratives – How to Decolonise Storytelling

We want to find out how to break through and diversify dominant narratives and news coverage. Together with the Tunisian activist and diplomat Aya Chebbi, who will be co-curating this day, we aim to find answers to questions such as: How do we get rid of (post)-colonial stereotypes? And how do we free ourselves from misogynist approaches?


14.10. - Sonderscreening: Restitution? Africa's Fight for Its Art

Who owns the African art in Europe’s museums? Together with experts, we will explore the question of why African art treasures stolen during the colonial period were not returned to the countries of origin long ago and how can we enable exchange between former colonial powers and those who suffered under them in order to finally solve this issue on equal footing.

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9. OCTOBER 2022