Sing, Freetown

Clive Patterson | UK, US | 2021 | 94 Min. | OmeU
Clive Patterson | UK, US | 2021 | 94 Min. | OmeU

Sorious Samura and Charlie Haffner are fed up. War, disease, poverty: it’s always the same images and negative news that shape public perceptions of Africa – and that in no way do the continent justice. Together, the investigative journalist and playwright want to shake up this image. Their vision: a play that brings Sierra Leone's multifaceted history to the stage. But from the start, conflicting ideas, nerve-wracking rehearsals and financial uncertainties throw the project into disarray. And then a natural disaster shatters everything. Nevertheless, the two men press on until opening night. What will happen when the curtain rises?

In Competition

Sing, Freetown – Trailer

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