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Is there any better way to start into the weekend than with a cosy movie night? We don't think so! Which is exactly why we provide you with a filmtip every Friday. You will find all recommended documentaries here and you can watch them online. Thrilling, political, inspiring and touching films are waiting for you!

Boris B. Bertram | Denmark | 2019 | 78 min |

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Photographer of War

An intimate portrait of the world-famous photographer Jan Grarup.As a war photographer, Grarup often risks his life, but at home in Copenhagen, he is the father of four children. Suddenly, he becomes a single parent and has to rethink his concept of life. Photographer of War gives an insight into the working reality of a war photographer, while also revealing a psychological portrait of a man who has spent 25 years documenting the horrors of war and must now face a new, inner struggle.

Ai Weiwei | Germany | 2020 | 112 min

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When a Mexican school bus was attacked in 2014 by unknown assailants and 43 young people disappeared without a trace, the world was horrified. The waves of random, brutal violence in the troubled country had reached a level that could not be ignored. But the investigations ran aground in loose theories and corruption, while the drug cartels continued ravaging. The Chinese artist and documentarist Ai Weiwei lends a voice to those left behind in his investigative and deeply human film.

Leila Conners | USA | Costa Rica | Croatia | France | Germany | Iceland | Norway | Switzerland | UK | 2019 | 88 min | English

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Ice on Fire 

Can we reverse climate change? ICE ON FIRE explores the many ways we can reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and, crucially, how to “draw” carbon back down, bringing CO2 out of the atmosphere and thus paving the way for global temperatures to fall. Reversing climate change is urgent, given that the world recently passed 400 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere, resulting in climate instability across the globe. We have heard the predictions, but now climate related events are a daily reality. This film explores the profound hope that we can move away from the brink. And, just as we figure out drawdown, we face an added complexity, the release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas in the arctic, that is now entering the atmosphere.

Britta Schoening | Germany | 2019 | 60 min | German

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Migration, right-wing populism, terrorist attacks: the so-called crises we encounter every day in the media are dividing society. Using three extremely different perspectives, #WIDERSTAND creates a dialogue and poses the question of whether or not we are more connected than separated. Helene, 19, wants to set an example in Athens against the border closures in Europe. Ingrid, 23, is a follower of the new right-wing Identitarian Movement in Vienna, which propagates against “mass immigration and Islamisation”. Aicha, 18, is a Muslim poetry slammer at the association “i,Slam” and faces discrimination everyday.

Celina Escher | SE | 2020 | 88 min | Spanish


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Fly So Far

When Teodora Vázquez wakes up at the hospital, her nightmare begins: after a miscarriage, she is accused of killing her baby – and charged with aggravated murder. FLY SO FAR follows Vázquez, the spokesperson for The Seventeen, a group of women who share the same fate. They all live in El Salvador, a country that criminalizes all terminated pregnancies, even miscarriages. Vázquez's case has become a symbol of the cruel harshness with which El Salvador cracks down on affected women. But it is also a film about empowerment, resilience and solidarity.

20. AUGUST 2021