Making a Difference (Action Against Hunger)

by Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger presents impressive activists: In MAYOR, Musa Hadid fights for dignity and quality of life for his fellow citizens as mayor of Ramallah, in a city that officially does not belong to any country. In THE ANTS AND THE GRASSHOPPER we meet Anita Chitaya, who fights for equality and against climate change in Malawi. TOXIC BUSINESS is about the power of international chemical companies selling carcinogenic agricultural pesticides in Kenya. Fears about the future preoccupy the people on Takuu as well as Mahmoud and Fawzi - for different reasons: THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND shows a community whose homeland is being swallowed up as a result of climate change, while the two boys in CAPTAINS OF ZAATARI see football as the only way out of a Jordanian refugee camp.

Action against Hunger

Action against Hunger is an international humanitarian and development organisation working to help people in need in some 50 countries around the world. For 40 years we have been fighting hunger and malnutrition, providing access to clean water and health care, providing emergency aid, and helping people to build sustainable livelihoods.

Worldwide for people. For change. For our common future.

Film Selection
18. AUGUST 2021