The Future is now


Damon Gameau | Australia | 2019 | 92 min | English
Damon Gameau | Australia | 2019 | 92 min | English

“2040” embarks on a personal journey to explore what the future could look like by the year 2040, if the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet shifted into the mainstream. Using visual effects to imagine a future where we manage to save the world from disaster thanks to scientific progress, the film presents a surprisingly sunny, hopeful, counter-intuitive alternative to the usual doomy warnings of impending apocalypse. Framing the film as a letter to his 4-year-old daughter Zoe, the director shows us an uplifting utopia.

The theatrical release is on the 7th of November.

19.11. | 18:30 | Stadtbadcafé Nauen

followed by a film talk

Director:  Damon Gameau
Director of Photography:  Hugh Miller
Editor:  Jane Usher
Music:  Bryony Marks
Sound Design:  Simon Rosenberg
Sound:  Roger Van Wensveen
Assistant Director:  Sean Barnacle
Producer:  Nick Batzias, Anna Kaplan, Virginia Whitwell, Damon Gameau
Production Company:  GoodThing Productions Company