Danis Tanovic | IN | 2004 | 94 Min. | OmeU
Danis Tanovic | IN | 2004 | 94 Min. | OmeU

Ayan loves his job. He works for the food company Lasta Food Inc. and is known for his enormously successful distribution of Lastavita, an infant formula. His message: if you want the best for your child, you can rely on Lastavita. But then a doctor confronts him with the catastrophic consequences of his marketing: Hundreds of thousands of babies all over Pakistan are weak and severely malnourished due to diarrheal diseases. Instead of healthy breast milk, they receive the supposedly healthy Lastavita bottled milk  - often prepared with contaminated water. Because in many parts of Pakistan there is no access to safe drinking water. From now on, Ayan dedicates himself to the fight against Lastavita in order to make right again what turned out to be wrong and dangerous. Inspired by a true story by a former Nestlé employee.

Afterwards, we will discuss the film and the global marketing of infant formula with a panel of international experts. The discussion takes place in the context of the campaign "Nestlé: Stop your ads for baby milk!" by Aktion gegen den Hunger.

Patti Rundall, Baby Milk Action UK / IBFAN
Utta Reich-Schottky, Breastfeeding Expert / Deutsches Ausbildungsinstitut für Stillbegleitung

Jan Sebastian Friedrich-Rust, CEO Aktion gegen den Hunger


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