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Short Films on Yemen

mehrere Filme | mehrere Filme | 2019 | mehrere Filme | English Subtitles
mehrere Filme | mehrere Filme | 2019 | mehrere Filme | English Subtitles

A cruel civil war has been raging in Yemen for more than four years. The humanitarian situation is disastrous, current international law is consistently violated by the conflict parties and war crimes are a daily reality. 22 million people - more than 80 percent of the population - are urgently dependent on humanitarian aid, including 11 million children. The short films presented provide artistic and emotional insights into the war-torn country, people’s everyday lives and the need for international solidarity.

Just an Other Memory
by Mariam Al-Dhubhani
Amidst the ongoing war in Yemen; torn between being “safe” and “away”, weighed down by the ever-present mental and emotional baggage that still holds you back. How does one move forward and heal? How to deal with so much suppressed pain? In this profoundly affecting documentary, we investigate these questions and explore what it feels like to be suddenly uprooted and displaced by war.

Murad: #MakeArtNotWar
by Abdurahman Hussain
In this video by Oscar-nominated Yemeni filmmaker Abdurahman Hussain, acclaimed Yemeni street artist Murad Subay talks about how he has been using his art to inspire collective action to build peace since the 2011 uprising and since the outbreak of war in 2015.

Yemen Unveiled
by Metteo Bastianelli
The conflict between the Houthi Shiite rebels supported by Iran and the Yemeni Sunni government supported by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition has been going on for almost 4 years, causing the death of 17,000 people. In a nation of nearly 29 million, 22 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UN. In this context, civilians are enduring an inhuman situation, deliberately targeted by aerial bombardments, missiles, snipers, crossfire, antipersonnel landmines and stray bullets. Yemen's depleted health ministry relies on humanitarian organization to provide medical care, but the country is on the brink of famine. Almost 85,000 children have starved to death so far. A mosaic of stories from the forgotten war in Yemen, seen through the eyes of humanitarian operators and civilians, trapped in a life of violence and disease.

The Color of Injustice
by Abdurahman Hussein
Only when Yemenis thought that a window of hope finally opened after over three decades of injustice, they have witnessed nothing but the manifestation of the absence of justice. The inevitable result was the brutal war. This war has left hundreds dead and thousands injured besides hundreds of thousands of displaced persons as well as stranded Yemenis outside Yemen in addition to the lack of basic services and resources that were already very little before the war. Most importantly, Yemenis are losing hope in the possibilities of civil peace and social justice as they are surrounded by the color of injustice that only gets darker and darker each day.

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Short Films on Yemen

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Short Films on Yemen
Just An Other Memory :  Mariam Al-Dhubhani
Murad: #MakeArtNotWar:  Abdurahman Hussain
Yemen Unveiled:  Metteo Bastianelli
The Color of Injustice:  Abdurahman Hussein