Human Rights Tattoo

This year we have invited Human Rights Tattoo to focus on The Declaration of Human Rights and add a lasting memory and talking point to those who get a letter tattooed from the Declaration at this event.


16 October 2022 – 11h00 – 16h00


Schönhauser Allee 123

Tattoo artists

Craig teatime and his team of Aubergine Tattoo
Check their work at:
Insta: craigteatime



Every letter is the beginning of a story.

A Human Rights Tattoo is symbolic. Human rights are not. We’ve got what it takes to make a difference written on our skin. One small letter has the power to make a big change.

Human Rights Tattoo is a work of art exemplary of the 21st century, in which the role of the artist in society is redefined. A group of artists who link their engagement to their talent and thereby make a social impact. Human Rights Tattoo stems from a long line of social artistic projects that Sander van Bussel has been creating since 2001 with Tilburg Cowboys. Projects reinstating art as the engine of society. Human Rights Tattoo functions as a community in itself, worldwide and alive. Creating the artwork is a process of substantive growth, of inviting and connecting people. This society spreads the message like a virus. Human Rights Tattoo as a work of art is therefore both a living community, a viral campaign, a digital platform and a visual work of art. It sparks and encourages countless conversations about human rights.

4. OCTOBER 2022