Haiti Untold

10 years after the earthquake

Ten years have passed since the devastating quake that claimed the lives of over 230,000 people and the media have been silent about the land in the Caribbean Sea. And this despite the fact that Haiti is still the poorest country in the northern hemisphere: more than half of the population lives on less than 3 US dollars a day and suffers from malnutrition and undernourishment. Almost a quarter of all Haitians depend on humanitarian aid for their survival. In recent months, violent unrest has also made life difficult for the population and the urgently needed work of aid organisations to fight hunger.

The film HAITI UNTOLD (among other things on Amazon Prime) by Isabelle Depeltea & Dan Shannon offers an unusual insight into the current situation in the country and shows not only the harsh reality but also moments of hope for a better and more stable future.
Despite the critical security situation, Aktion gegen den Hunger works for this future with 172 employees on the ground.

More information about the work of Action against Hunger in Haiti can be found here.


10. JANUARY 2020