#docoftheday: HRFFB Laudatee 2019 - NOVAYA

Today, we have a very special #docoftheday – the winner of our Willy Brandt Documentary Award for Freedom and Human Rights” 2019: NOVAYA by Askold Kurov. The documentary was awarded for its intimate observation through a discreet, inconspicuous camera lens. No staging, no lecture, no commentary - the images we see speak for themselves and bring us closer to a group of heroic advocates of freedom of the press and opinion. It is now available online.

We interviewed Askold Kurov for you and asked him about his inspiration and how became a documentary filmmaker. His answers provide exciting insights into an extraordinary life.

Interview with Askold Kurov

Director: Askold Kurov

Country & year of production: Russia | 2018

Length: 75’

Language: Russian with english Subtitles

Watch the film online

Recommendation on April 1, 2020: Novaya

“Novaya Gazeta” is one of the first independent publications of post-Soviet Russia and one of the last remaining today. It specializes in investigative reports and is a three times Nobel Prize nominee. Since 2000, five journalists and a lawyer of the editorial board have been murdered. NOVAYA is a peephole into the daily work of their colleagues, giving us front row seats during one of the hardest period of the paper‘s life. How will they respond to the kidnapping of one of their editors? How far will these journalists go in their search for truth, potentially endanging their own lives or the lives of their loved ones?

Laudatee Willy-Brandt-Documentary Award for Freedom and Human Rights awarded in 2019 in cooperation with the Bundeskanzler-Willy-Brandt-Stiftung .

We started our documentary of the day series in order to make staying at home a little more interesting, but also in solidarity with independent documentary filmmakers. All films we share with you are online available and the filmmakers profit directly from your contribution. You can find all our #docofthedays recommendations on our homepage as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

One last thought from our side for today: The corona virus is spreading at breakneck speed, forcing us in Europe too to take drastic measures to contain the pandemic. While we are urged to stay at home and avoid social contact, the aid workings all over the world are preparing for the worst. The virus could become life-threatening, especially for people suffering from acute malnutrition – the poorest of the poorest. We also need to support them! #leavenoonebehind

Our in the field colleagues from Action against Hunger are in high alert status and taking all necessary precautions to contain the spread of COVID-19 while keeping their life-saving programs up and running in some of the poorest countries in the world. You can read more about their work and support them here.
1. APRIL 2020