Love and Remembrance

The interactive media project commemorates one hundred of the countless victims of state repression in Nicaragua with the aim of ar-chiving and sharing their stories. This project shows that they were not just victims, but also protesters defending their right to freedom of expression. They were students, engineers, dancers, artists, construction workers, fa-thers, children – they were human beings.

A project by Emilia Yang together with the families of the victims.

... in conversation with Emilia Yang and Emilia Mason about art & reconciliation

Emilia Yang is an activist, artist, and feminist researcher. Her work has been interconnected with digital media, performance, and public art. She is interested in how transmedia storytelling and critical, feminist, anti racist and decolonial new media practices can foster social justice and civic engagement.

Emilia Mason is a creative Producer, immersive experience designer and activist. 

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