This year the festival will again be accompanied by an extensive supporting program that includes the HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM and an EXHIBITION.

On the Human Rights Forum On the exhibition

The Human Rights Forum

The Human Rights Forum is an innovative platform that aims to promote the transformative power of storytelling. Based on this belief, the festival offers four days of open discussions, workshops and pitches.


Forum highlights include a keynote by Tunisian activist and first African Youth Ambassador Aya Chebbi on storytelling and activism, an in-depth conversation with Ece Temelkuran on strategies against populism, and a discussion with journalist and Afghanistan expert Graeme Smith on the fine line between journalism and activism. He is also co-director of the film Ghosts of Afghanistan, which will be shown in the director's cut at the festival. On the Human Rights Forum

The exhibition

The moment we leave the impersonal space and enter the emotional space of art, our empathy is touched and we suddenly look and listen again. That is why this year, for the second time, we are dedicating an entire exhibition to the broad spectrum of human rights violations worldwide.


We want to show how people rebel against them and how artists reflect, translate and transport this resistance. We want to show that each and every one of us can contribute to preventing injustice worldwide. On the exhibition

Art is a true catalyst for both solidarity and activism. Such tools are key to a better understanding of the global situation and encourage people to work for a just and livable world.
Portrait von Ban Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon - former UN Secretary General and opening speaker of HRFFB 2020.
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