El Arena

Jay B. Jammal | LB, AE | 2022 | 78 Min. | OmeU
Jay B. Jammal | LB, AE | 2022 | 78 Min. | OmeU

Joe, Chyno and Maggie live in Beirut – and make the best of it. Their homeland has been shaken by conflicts and crises for decades. The Lebanese economy is down. The war in neighboring Syria is affecting them directly due to the influx of refugees. Inflation is rampant, and the regime is punishing peaceful protest. Their sanctuary is ‘El Arena’. This is where the group of young rappers and their friends meet up for rap battles. It is a place where they can compete artistically and say what they think, cross red lines and point out what’s wrong without being punished for it. Here they can express their frustration, helplessness and anger. But then the Corona pandemic hits, putting an end to all cultural freedoms, and an explosion of apocalyptic proportions devastates Beirut's cultural hub. Is this the end of ‘El Arena’?

13.10. - 31.10. | Stream
17.10. | 19:00 | ACUDkino

Film Talk with protagonist Hani Al Sawa

21.10. | 20:30 | SPUTNIK Kino am Südstern