Children at War


In its 100th anniversary year, Save the Children is presenting a film series on the subject of ‘Children at War’. Stories from six countries show the global phenomenon of young people growing up in the most difficult circumstances. How the world learns about them, explains the opening film about the war reporter Marie Colvin. The film “ISIS.TOMORROW” raises the question of the future of radicalized IS children. In “UNPAVED ROAD TO PEACE”, a village in Colombia is confronted with the return of former child soldiers. Traumas that burden even subsequent generations are dealt with in a double program with “DADDY AND THE WARLORD” and “BORN IN EVIN”. Hope for a more peaceful future is made by “POWER TO THE CHILDREN”, the final film in the series ‘Children at War’ about children's parliaments in India.


In the post-war year of 1919, the British woman Eglantyne Jebb founded SAVE THE CHILDREN, to protect children in Germany and Austria from starvation. Today, Save the Children is the largest child rights organization in the world.

29. AUGUST 2019
Feedback zum HRFFB 2019

Sehr geehrter Gast,
wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie unser diesjähriges Human Rights Film Festival Berlin besucht haben und bitten Sie ein kurzes Feeback zu Ihren Eindrücken abzugeben.