Special Screening

White Torture

Narges Mohammadi | Iran | 2021 | 57 Min. | Farsi with English subtitles
Narges Mohammadi | Iran | 2021 | 57 Min. | Farsi with English subtitles

In partnership with HÁWAR.help, we are pleased to present the film "White Torture" as a special screening followed by a discussion.

Narges Mohammadi is one of the most important human rights defenders in Iran. Since 1998, she has been arbitrarily imprisoned by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran many times – nevertheless, she continues to fight. During a short-term leave from prison, she made the powerful documentary “White Torture”, based on interviews with former prisoners who were subjected to this type of torture. Four white walls, no natural light, no sound and no human contact. A highly effective method aimed at the psyche of the victims that leaves no external traces. After a few months, many will choose to confess to any crime, even if this means they could be executed. The film gives an impressive testimony on the situation for human rights activists in Iran.

Followed by a discussion with: 

Düzen Tekkal, Journalist, human rights activist, social entrepreneur and founder of the aid organisation HÁWAR.help e.V.
Mariam Claren, ​​​​​​​Human rights activist and daughter of the imprisoned German women's rights activist Nahid Taghavi
Vahid Zarezade und Gelareh Kakavand, ​​​​​​​Iranian filmmakers in exile
Shila Behjat,​​​​​​​Journalist and cultural editor (moderator)

"White Torture"-Screening

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13.10. | 19:00 | Colosseum

Gefolgt von Filmgespräch mit / Followed by film talk with: Düzen Tekkal, Mariam Claren, Vahid Zarezade, Gelareh Kakavand & Shila Behjat