Special Event: Restitution? Africa's Fight for Its Art

Nora Philippe | France | 2022 | 82 Min. | OmeU
Nora Philippe | France | 2022 | 82 Min. | OmeU

Masks, jewellery and statues – we admire their beauty in glass display cases, they are stored in archives, kept safe. But safe from whom? Have we forgotten how they got here? Europe's colonial powers plundered more than three-quarters of Africa's heritage and have filled their museums with it. It comprises works of art, sacred artefacts, but also includes the human remains of Africans who were exploited in ‘human exhibitions’. Time and again, numerous voices have demanded the return of the stolen works. In Africa, their absence is traumatic. Is Europe finally ready to listen? A report by Senegalese scholar Felwine Sarr and French art historian Bénédicte Savoy is raising hope – and shaking hundreds of European museums to their core.

RESTITUTION? AFRICA'S FIGHT FOR ITS ART | Trailer | AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange | 1404

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14.10. | 18:30 |

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