January 27 is dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember the victims and fight against all forms of intolerance and discrimination. We recommend the film "Watchers of the Sky" and our interview with Benjamin Ferencz.


Raphael Lemkin coined the term "genocide" and tirelessly fought to prevent mass atrocities. The film "Watchers of the Sky" tells his story and takes you on a journey from Nuremberg to The Hague, from Bosnia to Darfur, always in search of justice. A tribute to the courage of those who fight against genocide.

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Benjamin Ferencz - A Life for Justice

Benjamin Ferencz, the youngest prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials, dedicated his life to human rights and international law. He was a tireless advocate for an international criminal court and for legal regulations to prevent aggression. With his wit and charm, he was an inspiration to many people.

In 2021, the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin dedicated a film series to him and interviewed him. In this moving conversation, Ferencz talks about his experiences at the Nuremberg trials, his hopes for the future, and his unwavering conviction that genocide can be prevented.

In conversation with Benjamin Ferencz

In conversation with Benjamin Ferencz

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