Solidarity with Ukraine!

In these difficult times, our thoughts are with Ukraine’s people and we stand with them. We are calling for humanitarian aid efforts to be supported in order to support and protect the civilian population in the Ukraine.

We urge you to show solidarity with Ukraine’s civil society and have compiled some tips on how you can demonstrate your support.

1) Get informed
We have compiled a list of insightful documentaries for you to contextualize the conflict: Films

2) Support independent and reliable journalism and only share reliable sources
Journalists are under severe pressure from Russia and urgently require your support to continue their independent journalism. We recommend the information provided by Reporters Without Borders about the current situation and how you can support journalists on the ground: More Information

Pay particular attention to the origin of the information when it comes to content on social media.

3) Support Ukrainian Filmmakers
In the last few days we have received urgent requests for support from filmmaker friends from Ukraine. Many of them want to stay and show the world with their pictures what is happening in their country. In order to be able to pursue their work, they urgently need protective equipment - especially helmets + protective vests of protection class SK4 (set price approx. € 1500.-) as well as various technical equipment and paramedic backpacks. more information on the page of the Deutsche Filmakademie

4) Support refugees
Of course, for many Ukrainians, the threat of full-scale war is driving them to seek safety in neighbouring countries. We need to welcome them and provide them with reliable infrastructure. A good way is to support local welcoming organisations. Here a list of local organizations in Berlin: Tagesspiegel
5) Donate
Even before the escalation of the current conflict, 2.9 million people were reliant on humanitarian aid. If the fighting continues, there is a threat of a humanitarian catastrophe, the likes of which we have not seen in Europe for decades. Support Action Against Hunger’s emergency fund for people affected in Ukraine now: Aktion gegen den Hunger


Iryna Tsilyk | Ukraine, Lithuania | 2020 | 74 min | OmeU

Single mother Anna and her four children live on the front-line in Donbas, Ukraine. While the outside world consists of bombings and chaos, the family manages to keep their home a safe haven, full of life and light. Each family member has a passion for cinema, motivating them to shoot a film inspired by their own life during war-time. For Anna and the children, transforming trauma into a work of art is the ultimate act of staying human.

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Vera Krichevskaya | RU | 2021 | 104 min | OmdU 

In 2008, Natasha, a newly rich woman, decides to open an independent TV station (Dozhd) in Putin’s Russia and builds an open-minded team of outcasts ready to demand justice. By 2020, Natasha has lost everything to Russia's war between Propaganda and Truth, for which she relentlessly fights.

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9. JUNE 2023