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We love documentaries! That's why we're now offering selected documentaries year-round on our new VoD platform. We will be releasing new films at regular intervals to make important documentaries accessible across Germany and contextualize them through conversation. The Documentary Lover Pass gives you one year of access to all films here on the platform as well as online and in theaters during the 2023 festival! 

a film by Jeff Kaufmann
USA I 2020 I OmeU 



In the courts and on the streets, Nasrin Sotoudeh has long fought for the rights of women, children, LGBT prisoners, religious minorities, journalists and artists, and those facing the death penalty. Sotoudeh was arrested in June 2018 for representing women who publicly protest Iran’s mandatory hijab laws, and she was sentenced to 38 years in prison, plus 148 lashes.Filmed in Iran by women and men who risked arrest to make this film. NASRIN  is an immersive portrait of one of the world’s most courageous human rights activists and political prisoners, Nasrin Sotoudeh, and of Iran’s remarkably resilient women’s rights movement.

a film by Julian Sher, Graeme Smith
CA | 2021 | 87 min | OmeU



The war in Afghanistan  raged for 20 years. Suicide attacks, bombings and kidnappings have cost the lives of nearly 200,000 people. Now the US and its allies – including Germany – have withdrawn their troops.  The Taliban have returned to power  and the pressure on the civilian population is high. GHOSTS OF AFGHANISTAN reveals the true face of the “forever war,” providing insights into the longest and most costly conflict in the history of NATO, questions the role of the West, and shows a torn country.

a film by Chloe Fairweather
82 min I UK, Norwegen, Deutschland & Türkei 2021 I OmeU



Turkey has the highest rates of domestic violence among developed countries in the world. With incidents of femicide and domestic abuse soaring, and women's democratic rights increasingly being eroded, Dying to Divorce follows a courageous lawyer and her indomitable clients' efforts to put violent men behind bars. Shot over five years, their fight for justice, part of the "We Will Stop Femicide" initiative, follows two survivors' cases against their violent partners. This is a film that enrages and empowers by connecting intimate personal stories with larger women's rights issues, whose problems originate in the nation's political ideology—one predicated on toxic masculinity and pride.

a film by Edet Belzberg
120 min | US | 2014 | English




WATCHERS OF THE SKY interweaves stories of remarkable courage, compassion, and determination, telling the story of the forgotten life of Raphael Lemkin– the man who created the word "genocide" and believed the law could protect the world from mass atrocities. Inspired by Samantha Power's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, A Problem From Hell, WATCHERS OF THE SKY takes you on a provocative journey from Nuremberg to The Hague, Bosnia to Darfur, criminality to justice, and apathy to action.

27. JANUARY 2023