The Right to Change (Save the Children)

by Save the Children

Every new path begins with the first step. This means taking a step out of powerlessness, a lack of prospects, or a destructive life situation for our young protagonists. And a decision to change and take life into their own hands.
In these films, viewers get to know children and young people who, each in their own way, apply the "art of change" in order to survive. Thus we encounter the art of endurance in Wandering, the art of healing in IMAD'S CHILDHOOD, the art of self-assertion in BANGLA SURF GIRLS, SHADOW GAMES tells of the art of migration, and the art of creativity stands out in ... AND HERE WE ARE! A FILM SCHOOL IN MORIA. A film series that inspires and encourages to take the first step towards change.

Save the Children

In the post-war year 1919, the British social reformer and child rights activist Eglantyne Jebb founded Save the Children to save children in Germany and Austria from starvation. Today, the world's largest independent child rights organisation is active in over 110 countries.

Film Selection
18. AUGUST 2021