FAMINE was shot in drought-devastated communities in Puntland, northern Somalia. The VR experience gives the chance to merge into the lives of those already having to live with disastrous consequences of the climate crisis. 

“Somalia is experiencing a complete polarization of weather, from the worst drought, to the worst floods in 50 years: This is climate change in action and its devastating impact meted out on the most vulnerable.” 
Timothy Bishop, Country Director for Save the Children Somalia

An average of 2,777 Somalis have given up their homes each day since 2018, currently about 2.6 million are displaced, 5.4 million people are in need of humanitarian aid.
Save the Children is committed to sustain life-saving assistance for children and families affected. The organization helps to build up long-term resilience in order for Somali communities to withstand the shocks of disasters and bounce back quicker. 

Tickets & Location


BUFA (Berliner Union Film Ateliers)
Oberlandstraße 26–35
12099 Berlin (Tempelhof)

Public transportation:
→ BUS 245, Oberlandstraße, 2 min
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Due to Corona, we offer tickets for the VR exhibition in 30-minute time slots. For each project and each day of the festival (30.9.-10.10. 2020) you can purchase two tickets per following time slot:

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28. SEPTEMBER 2020