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Erika Cohn | US | 2020 | 82 min | English
Erika Cohn | US | 2020 | 82 min | English
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The film tells the story of an unusual duo that exposes illegal sterilizations in women's prisons in California. A woman affected and her lawyer wage an almost hopeless battle against the Department of Corrections. For seven years, Erika Cohn filmed and documented women's rights and the fight for justice and reparations. In the process, BELLY OF THE BEAST exposes modern eugenics and reproductive injustice in Californian prisons through intimate accounts of currently and formerly incarcerated women.

16.09. - 25.09. | Sooner

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18.09. | 19:00 | ACUDkino

German Premiere | Followed by a Q&A with Deutscher Juristinnenbund

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