Main Partners

The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin is organised by Action Against Hunger - since 2019 the main partners of the festival have been Save the Children Germany and NRC Flüchtlingshilfe.

Action against Hunger

Action against Hunger is an international humanitarian and development organisation working to help people in need in some 50 countries around the world. For 40 years we have been fighting hunger and malnutrition, providing access to clean water and health care, providing emergency aid, and helping people to build sustainable livelihoods.

Worldwide for people. For change. For our common future.

To the film series of Action against Hunger - Changing Perspectives

Save the Children

In the post-war year 1919, the British social reformer and child rights activist Eglantyne Jebb founded Save the Children to save children in Germany and Austria from starvation. Today, the world's largest independent child rights organisation is active in over 110 countries.

To the film series of Save the Children - Beyond Black and White

NRC Flüchtlingshilfe

NRC Flüchtlingshilfe is a German humanitarian organisation that works in international crisis areas and helps people who are forced to flee. It is part of the international aid organisation NRC, with over 16,000 employees in more than 30 countries.

To the film series of NRC Flüchtlingshilfe -Displaced Lenses

17. SEPTEMBER 2020