Resistance Against Populism and Fake News

The current corona pandemic acts in many ways as a catalyst for fake news and conspiracy theories. The effects of disinformation and populism are now becoming brutally visible. During a one-day conference on October 2, 2020, we want to think about strategies for enlightenment and resistance against this de-democratization together.

In this context, we address the question of disinformation by technical means, such as secret troll farms and the role of large data analysis companies. Together we will discuss what online political action mean: What are negative and positive effects? What influence does hate campaign or even the dissemination of fake news have on the political climate? 

From this starting point, we will discuss interdisciplinary with experts how we can meet these challenges. How can we as storytellers react to these developments?

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Accreditation for the Human Rights Film Forum is available from July for filmmakers, scientists, experts, NGO employees, activists, students, cultural workers and journalists.


8. JUNE 2020