Save the Children

In the post-war year 1919, the British social reformer and child rights activist Eglantyne Jebb founded Save the Children to save children in Germany and Austria from starvation. Today, the world's largest independent child rights organisation is active in over 110 countries.

Save the Children has supported the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin as a main partner since its launch.

The art of stirring things up

by Martina Dase, Director of Media & Strategic Communications at Save the Children Germany


There may be issues that can be put off until tomorrow - global climate change is not one of them. The shocking floods have hopefully shaken up the last doubters. Extreme weather events such as floods and thunderstorms, long periods of heat, and droughts are already afflicting the planet with increasing frequency. Their devastating consequences no longer just threaten our future, but have long since threatened the present as well. The more tangible the threat, the more necessary is the radical shift in global policy.


The most powerful voices for this indispensable reversal, however, come not from decision-makers, but from children and young people. Shortly after our festival, they have once again agreed on a worldwide climate strike. And so our festival program also focuses on the generation that will be most affected by the effects of the multiple crises - and for the longest time.


Especially for the 710 million children from the 45 countries where the worst consequences are expected, however, these vested rights apply only theoretically. Rather, they face hunger and water shortages, disease and educational disruption, and in many cases, loss of home. Because the climate crisis, longstanding wars, and conflicts, and now the Corona pandemic are feeding on each other.


That is why we, as a globally active children's rights organization, never tire of raising awareness of the manifold effects of the climate catastrophe for adolescents.


Children are shaking things up and taking action.


However, in the five remarkable, very different films that we are presenting as the main partner of this festival, the focus is not on general trends and facts. It is about concrete faces and stories of children who rebel and take risks. Told with the stirring power of documentary art - it is an indispensable element of the "art of change" that we are highlighting under our eponymous festival motto this year.


Nothing is needed more urgently.

24. AUGUST 2021